About us-Farkhorse Recording Studio Surrey


Darkhorse recording studio as it now stands, was set up as the workplace of Dave Needham in 2010. Dave is a gold disc awarded producer and session guitarist and has been playing, recording and producing music for songwiters, bands, advertising agencies and commercial clients since 1999.


The studio offers people a comfortable and relaxed space with 2 live rooms and high end modern and vintage equipment to create the 'big studio sound' in an environment which let's your creativity flow.

If it's your first time in a studio, great!. We have years of experience and are happy to guide you through your session to make sure you end up with something to be really proud of.


Likewise if you're looking for a place to record a great sounding voiceover or produce your own material and just need an engineer, we're here for you too.


The studio has been the home of many and varied projects over the years. These include the official classical single of the Athens Olympics, the music for a global Listerine campaign, a completely acoustic album for David Essex, Voiceover work for the BBC, West End cast recordings, Film Soundtracks & loads of Artists, Songwriters and Bands..


We got into the studio business to work with creative people, thats it. Whatever you're looking to record, there's a place here for you.


Please check out our Clients page for some examples of the great work we've done here 

or get in touch about making Darkhorse the home for your next project.

At Darkhorse we love all things sound and go above and beyond to make sure you're going to sound amazing.